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Find out how we’ve adapted

interviews, surveys, discussions

to discover what audiences love best.

During 2018, we’ll blog

about projects and

publish some

full reports.


We have perfected

the method we call

Insite Mapping.


It documents everyday examples

of who your customers are

and what they want.

Insite Mapping

We help you

apply the research

to build new audiences.

Over time you design messages

and improve services that

create attention and loyalty.

Develop New Audiences

Surveys test

choices and actions

in everyday life.

The preferences of larger numbers

of people can be accurately

measured and compared.

Survey Design

Principal,  Dr. Patricia Gillard

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We founded this business in 1997 to provide useful, in-depth knowledge for organisations, using research designs only found in universities.

See our projects.

Insite Mapping has been applied in more than thirty projects. It documents knowledge from people within an organisation who have their ‘eyes and ears’ open to audience experiences.

In a three hour workshop they describe customer behaviour and this is the ‘raw data’ that is used to address business issues.

Insite Mapping draws on approaches from Communication Ethnography and Communities of Practice.

Museums and libraries, small businesses, environmental, government and community groups are major clients.

Read more about Patricia’s research and career.


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