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Audience Advocacy: Parliament ‘collapse’ recalls US research

By Dr Patricia Gillard | 15 Oct, 2018

The segment on TV comedy Rake, of the Australian Parliament collapsing to the ground, evoked memories of visitor research in Washington, […] [...]

Survey Design: Research brings a heritage project, grants and awards.

By Dr Patricia Gillard | 4 Oct, 2018

A handful of visitors for the 2014 ANZAC Day tours  were surveyed in Christ Church Cathedral. They were moved by […] [...]

Insite Mapping: Faster than a speeding pollster

By Dr Patricia Gillard | 16 Jul, 2018

The Australian Greens were weeks away from a state election, when they asked Coppice Research to adapt our methods for […] [...]

Post: 21 years of teamwork

By Dr Patricia Gillard | 21 Jun, 2018

  Original research involves good listening and co-operation. Thank-you to colleagues we’ve worked with, beginning in 1997.       […] [...]

Audience Advocacy: Research that benefits participants?

By Dr Patricia Gillard | 11 Jun, 2018

Audience development and audience advocacy describe two different ways that organisations apply our findings. Coppice designed Insite Mapping with the specific purpose […] [...]

Survey Design: Measure what’s useful. Show why it matters.

By Dr Patricia Gillard | 6 Jun, 2018

The National Library of Australia pioneered accessible, nationwide, online library services in the first years of this century. Our company […] [...]

Survey Design: Happy 50th BTN! 1.25 million kids in 1986.

By Dr Patricia Gillard | 5 Jun, 2018

Two 1986/7 surveys of teachers across Australia estimated the BTN audience as over 1.25 million school kids. [...]

Insite Mapping: The best of health

By Dr Patricia Gillard | 11 May, 2018

Health practitioner Julianne knew the kinds of patients who gained most from her treatments. Insite Mapping helped to customise messages and services, to make the business healthier too. [...]

Insite Mapping: Ready, set, start-up!

By Dr Patricia Gillard | 10 May, 2018

Thornbill takes the next confident strides after owners detail their products and clarify their business. [...]

Insite Mapping: The people who visit birds

By Dr Patricia Gillard | 10 May, 2018

Visitors who come to the Hunter Wetlands Centre can be curious, sociable or single-minded. Insights from volunteers helped design a Visitor Centre to thrill them. [...]

Survey Design: Misinformed and missing the train

By Dr Patricia Gillard | 13 Jul, 2016

We miss the real 'harbour entertainment city' before the trains were cut off. [...]

Survey Design: Restore the Rail!

By Dr Patricia Gillard | 8 Mar, 2015

  In October 2014, we conducted an online survey of people who used trains on the Hunter and Newcastle lines in […] [...]

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