Insite Mapping: Twenty-one today♥♥

♥♥ Today, twenty-one years ago, User Insite Pty Ltd was established in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

I was still working at RMIT University in Melbourne, Victoria but planned to use my enterprise skills to create an audience research consultancy. It happened. It was very exciting and I worked alongside some great colleagues and organisations who I will list in my ‘credits’. Like a film production.

To celebrate our work, I’ve begun creating a practical, online research resource so students and researchers can see examples of what’s possible and how it can be used to benefit community groups, businesses and (very close to my heart) museums and libraries. When I was teaching research methods the most useful book was one with lots of small-scale examples of ethnographic and observation studies. My students could adapt them for their own projects and they did wonderful little studies of flower festivals, nightclubs and cafes.

The website I’m producing will be examples of a kind of knowledge-sharing ethnographic discussion, Insite Mapping™, applied to many different issues. Sometimes followed by surveys and social action.

So an ‘adult’, 21 year old, User Insite Pty Ltd, now grown up to be called Coppice Research, is hereby officially launched.