Insite Mapping: The best of health

Small businesses that provide health services one-to-one, can find it difficult to attract the clients they want. Julianne asked Coppice to help her pinpoint what was not working in her business and suggest communication that would put her on a sustainable path. Julianne was qualified to provide a number of therapies and adapted these to suit each patient’s needs.

Listening to examples from her day-to-day practice it became clear that some patients were taking the time and resources of the business without being willing to commit to an appropriate course of treatment or, in some cases, to pay for it. Julianne found it difficult to withdraw her services or demand full payment.

We used the examples she gave and her aspirations to heal in a holistic way, to define some major kinds of treatments and the patients who would benefit most from each. Some suggestions for messaging and for communicating to patients in the consulting room brought clarity to the business and made it viable.

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