Survey Design: Restore the Rail!


In October 2014, we conducted an online survey of people who used trains on the Hunter and Newcastle lines in New South Wales. With the State Government planning to close the three city stations, we wanted solid information on how people would be affected as there had been no evidence or discussion with locals by the State Government.

733 people were recruited for the survey, evenly spread across all age groups.

The surveys captured the thoughts of hundreds of people. They commented in their own words about how they would be affected; the extra hours added to their work day, disruption to specialist medical appointments or support for elderly family members and professional and legal services.

Promises of a ‘revitalised’ city were not what most people saw as the effect of these cuts. Instead it was likely to slow business development, cut off access to the city for people in growth areas to the west and north-west and cause much increased traffic congestion and parking problems.

It revealed how crucially important the city stations were for people travelling, especially on the Hunter Line.

You can download the full report, submitted to the Inquiry of the Parliament of NSW.