Survey Design: Measure what’s useful. Show why it matters.

The National Library of Australia pioneered accessible, nationwide, online library services in the first years of this century. Our company worked with them on over ten projects, including the award-winning Picture Australia  (now Trove) to reveal how readers were responding to their innovative services.

The Australian Libraries Gateway (ALG) was one of the first. In 2000 and 2001 we measured how libraries were making use of this service that made the hundreds of small libraries visible to each other and to users across Australia for the first time. It meant they could share expertise, find local resources and arrange loans.

Here, we feature one part of the survey to stakeholders that measured the range of activities this new service opened up. The list of uses (Table 5, see link) drew on knowledge within the small ALG development team. An Insite Mapping discussion with the team revealed likely uses, so the survey could measure actual behaviour, not just general satisfaction.

We appreciate the National Library of Australia giving permission to show the  relevant pages.