Insite Mapping: Faster than a speeding pollster

The Australian Greens were weeks away from a state election, when they asked Coppice Research to adapt our methods for a 60 minute session. They needed to understand where new support for the Greens was coming from and how to communicate best with these voters.

This was the speediest and most focussed workshop we have ever done. Results showed how robust the method of knowledge-sharing can be. Greens members used examples from going door-to-door or from informal conversation with friends and family. The results highlighted their reputation for acting on clear principles and supporting local environment initiatives such as bicycle pathways.  Messaging was suggested that came straight from the lips of locals they had talked to. In the by-election, they markedly increased voter support.

This pared-down research had its limits but the insights were useful in developing a successful campaign. Read the report.