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Insite Mapping: Recipe for making new audiences.

First, assemble all the ingredients. Find out from staff who meet audiences daily, what audiences like and what they do with current services or programs.

Next, mix the identified ingredients of interests, uses, programs and activity gently together until they separate into patterns of interest or new combinations of use and activity. Don’t be concerned if they are ill defined at this stage.

Put the mixture aside briefly so the main patterns take shape and you can work with them more easily. Closely observe any elements that have separated from the mix. Some new interests may colour it or some uses may emerge unexpectedly. Put these to the side.

Gently kneed the major patterns until they separate into groupings. Lightly dust with industry experience then mark with different indentations to distinguish them. Place on baking tray.

Return to the new material you have placed to the side. Look to see if there are threads connecting audiences and interests, media or uses. Lightly kneed to make viable shapes. Place on a separate tray.

Put both trays into a moderate oven and check their progress. Cooking time may vary. When complete, rest for a short time before presenting them. Note how they are received and any comments. Store as tasting notes for future production.

If this recipe does not produce distinctive results for audience development or business expansion, you may need some additional professional support from Coppice. Our ‘Insite Mapping’ method can help you discover all the essential ingredients and identify audiences for your organisation, combining them in ways that produce the most appealing results.