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Increase participation

We design surveys that measure the actions and views of audiences. If they are repeated, they track your success.

Major findings emerge through comparisons within the data, not percentage answers to questions, but this requires careful design from the beginning. The purposes of your survey should also be carried right though into the analysis and reporting.

We design short surveys with 20 questions or fewer for a defined community of users. These surveys are inexpensive and results are available within weeks.



‘The 2014 Train Users Survey provided the Select Committee on the Planning Process in Newcastle and the Hunter with a reliable baseline for its findings.’

David Shoebridge, MLC, Parliament of New South Wales

Surveys are being used for many purposes, but most are badly designed; just percentage answers to a series of questions. Well designed surveys do much more than this. The real insights come from internal comparisons and a few open-ended questions that gain perspectives from the people surveyed, in their own words.

We offer a service on a modest hourly rate, where we design a survey for your organisation that gains new, insightful information. We design surveys that address your concerns and answer the ‘why’ questions that have prompted the need for research.

Patricia has designed and conducted surveys for over 20 years. National surveys of school teachers in the late 1980s measured audiences for ABC Schools Programs of over 2 million primary and secondary students.




They also gained teachers’ own views of the usefulness of particular programs.

A survey of 11,806 patients for pathology services conducted during one week in 2010 measured for the first time those who were anxious about their tests and the kinds of services and support they valued most at the Collection Centre.

Most recently, a survey of over 700 train users in Newcastle and the Hunter area of New South Wales, Australia detailed those who would be most affected when the three Newcastle stations were closed, as planned by the State Government. Hundreds of those surveyed gave detailed examples in their own words of how their daily lives would be affected.

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