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Coppice Research knows a way

to find them and keep them.

It begins with a workshop to share knowledge of customers.

We analyse this evidence to increase audiences.

Research insights suggest actions for strong audience growth.

Knowledge of customers

Coppice Research invented a method called Insite Mapping.

During a workshop of 2 to 3 hours, people in an organisation share their knowledge of customers.

Insite Mapping

Increase audiences

We analyse the examples from Insite Mapping.

This reveals new ways to satisfy existing customers and attract new ones.

Audience Advocacy

Principal,  Patricia Gillard  PhD

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Patricia researches audiences by observing what people say and do in particular sites.

Coppice Research has perfected a group discussion method called Insite Mapping and applied it to practical actions that engage audience interests.

The research draws on ethnographic and knowledge-sharing traditions from Communication and Business Studies.

Museums and libraries, small businesses, environmental and heritage organisations and community groups are regular clients.

Read more about Patricia’s research and career.


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