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In 2018 we turn 21! It’s time to show

clients’ success with our work.

The research is simple, cost effective and adapted

to different settings. It begins when clients share knowledge inside their organisation.

We use this day-to-day experience to reveal audiences –  those already known and those just emerging.

We suggest new services to  increase participation .

Research insights suggest actions for strong audience growth.

Share knowledge

Coppice has developed a method called Insite Mapping that consistently reveals insights about audiences, when people within an organisation share experiences interacting with visitors.

Use this method to identify emerging audiences and the services that delight them. Be prepared for a few surprises!

Insite Mapping

Reveal audiences

We combine your people’s collective wisdom about audiences, with our analysis and expertise, to identify your main communities.

In-depth knowledge about interests and everyday patterns highlights the strongest supporters, to engage them more closely. It also reveals new audiences and how best to satisfy them.

Audience Advocacy

Increase participation

This is where the research insights are put to work systematically, to suggest new services and creative work that extends what you are already doing and grows the audiences that are attracted to you. For some communities, this works very quickly!

We work with you, to suggest changes that will make you successful in increasing participation. We can also help you to track improvements over time.

Survey Design

Founded by Dr Patricia Gillard

Dr Patricia Gillard

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Patricia ‘sees’ audiences interacting in new ways, by systematically listening to what people say. The collective wisdom that results can be astonishing. By ‘mapping’ engagement, she can present a systematic picture of what is happening with individuals and groups.


When you work with Coppice Research, we figure out together the changes that will lead to increasing participation by audiences and communities. This is an exciting, practical stage where examples from the group discussion are used directly to develop your new directions and work.

Patricia is an audience researcher and consultant with an enthusiasm for adapting and designing research. This usually draws on ethnographic and knowledge-sharing traditions from Communication and Business Studies.

Clients most likely to love this work are museums and libraries, environmental and heritage sites, local government, community groups and large cultural institutions.

Read more about Patricia’s research and career.


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